Armoured Cars

Safety Uncompromised

Luxury Armoured Vehicles

Armoured deliver their clients, an armoured car of their choice, including bespoke armoured protection to combat the client’s existing threat.

With our certified lightweight armour (73% lighter than ballistic steel) we protect our clients and still retain the drive-ability and dynamics of the vehicle.

Safety Uncompromised

Since 1993 Armoured have produced more than 7000 quality armoured cars. Now viewed as the worlds premier manufacturer of luxury armoured vehicles, with manufacturing and service facilities located worldwide delivering armoured vehicles to all corners of the globe.

Armoured Car Protection Levels

With the use of CAD design, laser technology, the lightest ballistic material available and skilled engineers, Armoured create the finest armoured vehicle protection available. The armour protection we use is a revolutionary rubber coated aramid panel. It is a flexible ballistic product which is 10x stronger than traditional armoured steel and 70% lighter. Our armoured vehicle technicians install the opaque armour discreetly behind the original interior panels.

A major benefit of our specialist armour is that it not only has extensive protective qualities, with its light weight properties the handling capabilities of the vehicle are retained.

Armoured Passenger Vehicles

Clients of Armoured include government officials, business leaders, international corporations, religious organisations as well as private individuals, who by nature of their high profile status find themselves and their families at risk.

Armoured adopts a flexible approach when protecting their clients with VIP Security, as threat levels and vehicle requirements are unique to the individuals situation.

Good design is finding that perfect balance between the way something looks and how it functions.

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